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Food For Life


Food For Life

Food for life
Feed the world
Food for life
Feed the world
Ain't no need for greed,
Do the deed, feed the world.

Food for thought! Life is short!
Higher thinking must be sought.
Vegetarians lead the way.
Food for life! An answered prayer.
Animal killing won't help us care
we need foods of love today

Food for life, for our survival.
Need it so bad, it's a soul revival.
Food for life, the world's in need,
so many sad, let's ask,
the world to plant the seed!

Earth is our mother,
Animals our brothers.
She has so much patience,
Yet we have no conscience.

My brother's hungry!
My sister's dying!
So many places
going mad.

We're one big family.
Lord have mercy now!
Let's serve the world and be glad!

Look at what you're eating.
flesh is not for dining.
No compassion in your heart.

There will be no loving.
We must change our thinking.
Killing keeps us all apart!

Food for life! It's a soul revival!
Food for Life! For our Survival!

Hare Krishna Food For Life &
sung by Hari Bandhu and associates
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